Be The Showstopper At This Summer’s Festivals With These Fashion Tips

Woohoooo!!! Summer is finally a stones throw away, and Ape and Apple know that one of the best and biggest things to do during the summer is to go to some of those incredible music festivals that we have in the UK; seeing your favourite music artists, spending time with your friends and most importantly having fun in the sun! (Well.. hopefully.. we all know what British Summers can be like!)

And before you attend these partying summer weekends, full of sun, alcohol and music, we think you will agree when we say that you need to get your attire and outfits spot on! Don’t worry Ape and Apple are here to give you some ideas on what to wear so you can look your best whilst raving this summer!

First port of call is to decide what will be going on your feet! Obviously if the British weather lives up to its notorious reputation and rains all the time, wellies will obviously have to be the footwear of choice, but if by chance your musical festival weekend turns out to be “cracking the flags” and bone dry, you have a lot of choice as to what you can wear. Summer footwear is very important as you need to be comfortable but at the same time stylish. On sunny festival weekends away, the obvious choice amongst most guys would be a pair of flip flops, but Ape and Apple believe that plimsoles and espadrilles are standout summer footwear; lightweight, stylish and versatile (what more can you want on your feet!). We think these Lyle & Scott Lace Up Navy Espadrilles would be a brilliant summer pick!

Moving slightly further northwards, it doesn’t take a genius to notice that shorts are staple summerwear and this is no different when you are living it up at a festival. There are many different types of shorts you can wear for instance, a lot of festivals are situated by the coast or a beach, meaning that stylish swimming shorts would be a great choice, or if you want to go a little more smart casual a nice pair of bermuda shorts or chino shorts wouldn’t go unnoticed by those you are looking to impress.

T-shirts, Shirts and Polo Shirts! Unless you are one of those guys who love taking their tops off, then what you are wearing on the upper half of your body is paramount to your image as it tends to be the first thing most people’s eyes are drawn to! Finger’s crossed it is warm and sunny at your chosen festival, this will mean that there is no need to wear any more than a single layer.

Ape and Apple believe that a popular choice this summer at festivals will be either an open collared or buttoned collared polo shirt such as this Franklin & Marshall White Pique Polo Shirt.



Or maybe you would prefer to opt for a loose fitting short sleeve shirt that would be stylish and breezy but most of all attract positive attention. Ape and Apple think that this Carhartt Mable Norwegian Sky Blue Shirt would be the perfect shirt to wear at your chosen summer music festival.

If Shirts and Polo Shirts aren’t your bag, then opting for a sleek and trendy T-Shirt would be the best option. This Lyle & Scott Block Stripe Blue T-Shirt would be a brilliant pick as it is modern, versatile and very light in colour which is a must during the summer (Take note: Summer and dark colours do not go together!)

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Edwin: Guiding Denim To The Forefront Of Fashion

That’s right readers, the unparalled popularity of denim in clothing today be held accountable by Edwin amongst some other popular fashion labels.

There is no doubt that Edwin has and still is playing a massive part in the progression of denim in fashion. Edwin is one of the leading pioneers of denim in fashion, and even invented designs that are now seen to be some of the most popular denim designs.

But before we highlight Edwin’s innovative discoveries and past, Ape and Apple are going to set the scene first, by providing a bit of insite and a bit of history into ths truly extraordinary menswear brand.

Edwin was originally founded in Japan back in 1947 by a certain Mr Tsunemi. Mr Tsunemi had notable passion for denim, which inspired him to import them directly from the United States as no denim was manufactured in Japan at that time. Four years in later in 1951 domestically manufactured denim was available for the first time in Japan. However Japanese denim proved to be expensive and of inferior quality compared to its American counterparts. Therefore Mr Tsunemitook it upon himself to take his fashion label forward and was driven to create his own denims, with greater sophistication in fits, washes and quality. From this point on in Edwin denim history, quality, craftsmanship, innovation and integrity have been paramount to the ethos and aesthetic for the brand.

From the get go, denim was going to be the backbone of this menswear fashion label. The name is even a play on words of this popular clothing material. ‘EDWIN’ is merely an anagram of ‘DENIM’, but with the ‘M’ flipped upside down to make a ‘W’. (Very clever when you think about it!)

Let’s swiftly move onto Edwin’s admirable milestones.

In the 1970’s Edwin were the first company in the world to develop ‘old wash’ designed to replicate denim which have been worn from its rigid, unwashed state traditionally designed for workwear due to its durability.

But what happened in the 1980′s was the ‘Big One’. Before this creation, it was already clearly evident that Edwin were extremely innovative and were prepared to take risks with their designs. Some floundered, but oh my did this innvotive design stick ever since and will do for many, many decades to come. That’s right, Edwin created stone washed denim, undoubtedly the most popular denim design and effect in fashion today.We would be very surprised if you didn’t recognise or even own a pair of stone washed denim jeans. The stone wash effect is where the denim becomes slightly faded in certain areas of the material, showing a slightly lighter or in some cases extremely lighter shade of blue denim.








When Edwin invented ‘stone washing’ it revolutionised the entire denim industry and was a pivotal moment in the evolution of denim manufacturing, thus influencing every denim company in existence today.

Edwin’s contribution to both fashion and denim will never go unrecognised, and we think you would agree when we say that Edwin menswear is an authentic denim brand priding itself on innovation and craftsmanship.

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Luke 1977: Edgy, Detailed And Contemporary

Luke 1977 men’s clothing is an independently owned design led UK men’s fashion brand that is the personification of UK fashion trends at current.






Luke 1977 designer menswear fashion has firmly established itself as a core forward order men’s clothing brand both in the UK & overseas, being recognised for its edgy, detailed and ultimately practical interpretation on contemporary designer menswear.

When you observe a clothing outlet or an online clothing store such as Ape & Apple, you will notice a lot of things, but one of these are that whenever a fashion conscious male looks at buying some new designer mens clothing Luke 1977 is the brand that they’re all heading for due to their amazing trends, iconic logo and eye catching designs.

Luke 1977 don’t just design clothing for a single social occasion, they realise that nowadays men attend different styled social events and places on a regular basis, with some venues requiring a certain style of clothing. Luke 1977 are one step ahead of the game as their menswear collections are always created for every social need, equally at home, in the city bar scene, on the terraces or in the pub.

Originally just a British designer label, their success in the UK did nopt go unnoticed, as Luke 1977 won the ‘British Young Fashion Brand of the Year’ in 2010. After being awarded this remarkable accolade, Luke 1977 started to venture worldwide and have never looked back.

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Peaceful Hooligan: A Desire To Create Clothing That Couldn’t Be Found Anywhere Else

Peaceful Hooligan as a designer menswear clothing label was founded for the exact reason mentioned above in the title. The founders had a certain desire and a keen eye for clothing that reflected the football terraces and an urban and rave culture, but at that time, this style of clothing couldn’t be found anywhere. So the founders took it upon themselves to create their own designer clothing that reflected these cultures so that not only they could wear the apparel that they wished to wear, but so that many others could bear this unique style and appearance.

From the get go, Peaceful Hooligan had set their aims not to follow the recent trends and fads that the majority of other designer menswear labels were following. No, Peaceful Hooligan had their eyes on achieving one aim and one aim only, and that was to produce and design clothing that is of a very high level of quality and this level of quality was never comprimised. As a result of this desire and hunger for quality, Peaceful Hooligan have produced some of the best casual wear we’ve seen of late… and Ape and Apple don’t think this will stop anytime soon!

The brand initially started with just designing and producing a range of t-shirts which immediately proved to be a massive success, due to their unique styles that were very reflective on todays youth. This success lead Peaceful Hooligan to design ranges in Polo Shirts, Shirts and Sweatshirts; all proving to be an equal success as their T-shirt lines.

Popularity for the terrace, urban and rave cultured designs have grown massively over recent years, and it is fair to say that Peaceful Hooligan were one of the true ambassadors of this trend amongst others.

Peaceful Hooligan are a relatively new menswear brand, but from looking at their great success during their short existence, the future looks very promising for this unique menswear label, but only as long as they stick to their motto:

“Make your own rules!”

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